Moo - The one and Only

Moo is a 4 year old Alpine doe who came to the farm quite by accident and, some would call it, fate. Moo and my 2nd son, Tyler, share the same birthdays. I had gone to a farm to pick out our LaMancha and Alpine herd sires with 2 of my (human) girlfriends and both of them saw this little goat that looked just like a Holstein cow and said I HAD to bring her home.

Now, I was not in the market for another Alpine doeling but she had a way of weaseling her way into my heart that day and refused to take no for an answer. But Moo wasn't exactly available for sale. There were other people on the waiting list that were ahead of me. So I had to wait for the owners to reach out to them and give them first rights to my Moo Moo. A painful week later, we heard back from the breeder who told us Moo was all ours, if we were still interested.... Ha!

Moo is quite the character and has provided hundreds of laughs over the last 4 years. Moo loves to talk... she loves to talk when she's happy to see you, mad that you're leaving, when she misses you, when she thinks you have forgotten to feed her. She loves to hear herself talk. And by talk, I mean yell. If Moo has something to say, the whole farm is going to hear about it. But what Moo loves even more than the sound of her own voice... is FOOD!

Moo lives up to her name in that she eats EVERYTHING! A few years ago, our old Oak tree produced so many green acorns and, of course, they fell into the goat's paddock before I could pick them up. Moo ate them as if they were little goat candies falling from the sky and got herself so sick she needed a week and several rounds of meds to recover.

Several people ask us throughout the year if Moo is due to have babies soon. I always laugh and say, "No, she's just Moo!" LOL She's a basketball factory on 4 legs. I can't even say how many times my husband has rushed into the house saying Moo was bloating just to go out to see she gorged herself on hay again.

But Moo has matured into a very nice Doe. She has yet to produce a flashy kid like herself but we know it's just a matter of time. Despite that, she does produce some really nice, sweet natured kids. Moo also lives up to her name, in that, she produces a ton of milk. This girl knows how to keep a couple babies well-fed. Her BFF on the farm is Genevieve and, as of late, Harper. Gen and Moo have spent every day of their lives together and routinely leave their kids to snuggle together so they can lay down together for a nap in the sun. Moo is a one-of-a-kind girl who is loved by many!!!

Edited to add: Some may wonder why Moo is the only adult in the barn not bred to have kids this year. You see, Moo got really sick about a month before breeding season. So sick that she needed a goat-to-goat blood transfusion. Rainey stepped up as the blood donor (which could explain their hostile relationship lately). Anyways... we decided it would be healthier for Moo to be allowed to focus on her health and just be a goat this year. No stress from pregnancy, no stress from kidding and being in milk all summer long. It's very taxing on the body. Moo is in perfect health right now and we are all so thankful for that. We hope to see her pregnant again next year (fingers crossed!)