After years of working with our town zoning committee, we are thrilled to announce the opening of Syman Says Farms' Farm Store in April 2021! Located on the farm just next to the main goat barn, you can now visit the goats and then shop all the wonderful goat milk products they help make possible. Samples of our creamy Goat Milk Lotions are available as are select Goat Milk Soaps at our handwashing stations. 

All our products are made right here on the farm by Liz & Aaron. All our ingredients are sourced sustainably and our goats come first! That means, yes... sometimes we run out of milk for our products. That's because we believe our mom goats and their babies should be together for the first 12 weeks. During this time, all the milk goes right into babies' bellies rather than our soaps, lotions and bath salts. Once the babies are enough to be weaned, our products can be made again.