Poppy aka Miracle Baby

For those of you who have been following us for some time, you may remember this precious little girl by her first name, "Miracle Baby".

Poppy was born on March 27th 2017 under quite stressful circumstances, to say the least. Her mom, Deanndra, had been in early labor for most of the day but started showing some signs of trouble by early afternoon. We called the vet out to help see what was going on. And what she found was a yucky mess inside.                          
Poppy's twin brother had died months earlier and started decomposing inside mom which made life inside the womb gross and unsuitable for life. When our vet reached inside to pull Poppy out, she took one look at her and pretty much pronounced her dead. It wasn't until Poppy lifted her tiny, wet head up and took her first breath that we all exclaimed and vigorously worked on assisting her. Poppy was born at barely 4lbs.                                                                                  

Despite her small size, she didn't let anything stand in her way. Although we had no plans on keeping a Toggenburg doeling that year, it only took a few days to realize she wasn't going anywhere. We had put so much of our hearts into her, ensuring she'd survived.

And sometimes things are just meant to be. Turns out, Poppy is a pretty incredible goat. As a junior doeling, she won every single jr. class/show we put her in. And she even won a Best Jr. Doe in Show at her last show of the season where the judge wanted to sneak her in the back of her truck and take her home. It was the ultimate compliment for a breeder!

Poppy is a gentle, trusting, determined soul with a passion for life which is where she gets her name from. Anyone with young children will know the movie "Trolls", where Princess Poppy refuses to give up, where most others would have let fear stop them from trying. Poppy's determination and love for life is the only reason she lived through her entrance into this world. She is now pregnant for the first time and we are all looking forward to seeing our "baby" as a Momma in Spring 2019!!!!


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