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Cuteness & Mischief lie ahead. Beware of goats who will steal your heart, make you laugh & sometimes cry and will cause procrastination. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

In this barn you’ll see...

8 Dairy Goats



Deanndra sets the record for the longest pregnancy SSF has ever had. 8 days overdue and after some tense moments, she finally gave birth this morning to this handsome little boy. Tucker Finn 8.2lb



Grace gave birth to this chunky monkey this evening at 6:35pm. She surprised us with yet another solid brown Toggenburg just like big sister Dulce only this time with wattles! And he took the record from Gunther as the largest baby ever born on the farm at a whopping 10.3lbs! (What was in our hay this year?!?!)



Greta | 

What a pro, Greta!
It's late and we're all tired but please help us welcome Ace and Ari to the SSF crew!
Baby A doeling | Ari born at 3/14/22 11:08pm 7.5lbs
Baby B buckling | Ace born at 3/14/22 11:16pm 7.1lbs

Harper | Delivers our first kids of the 2023 kidding season!

Sage | buckling weighing 9.8lbs. Born at 1:39pm (Yellow bowtie)
Basil | buckling weighing 9.9lbs Born at 2:19pm (Green bowtie)




I can't believe kidding season 2023 is over. 7 moms, 12 babies in just 3 days. But this is how a kidding season should go. All healthy moms, all healthy babies!!!
Chanel wrapped up the season with another set of twin doelings.
Baby A (left) Gucci | 7.2lbs born at 10:26am
Baby B (right) Fendi | 7.7lbs 10:37am


Rainey - 

This was the delivery of the season I was most worried about. I could tell you all the reasons for my worrying but I don't have the energy to type it all out at this point.
After a very complicated delivery, Rainey ended up giving birth to twin girls with perfectly, most beautiful palates. This is Rainey's first set of healthy twins. It is also Yoshi's 1st babies. My heart is full to see her finally get the chance to raise twins.
Thank you Moo for watching over your blood sister during this delivery. I could feel you support and keep me strong for Rainey. I could feel you protecting the girls as Aaron worked tirelessly to reposition them. I could feel your strength in keeping Rainey pushing and strong.
These girls are absolutely precious and so strong considering what they went through just to enter into the world. They are feisty, so much so Aaron couldn't get a photo of them together as they just wouldn't sit still.
Please welcome....
Baby A (Purple bow) Brooke 9.2lbs *biggest girl record
Baby B (Pink bow) River 8.6lbs

Winnie | Born 2/23/22 and not pregnant (May not be in this barn)



Ate |

Até proved herself as a patient, seasoned pro as she had an assisted delivery with her brand new twin bucklings this afternoon.
Please welcome Graham (left) & Georgie (right)
I know, I'm totally breaking the reindeer theme
Graham weighed 8.4lbs and Georgie 7.7lbs


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