Sweet Genevieve

Genevieve is an almost 4 year old LaMancha doe who came to live at the farm as a bottle baby at just a few days old.

Genevieve and our oldest son, Jacob, share the same birthday of March 8th which is why we also call her his "Birthday Goat".

Jacob and Gen share a very special bond and are truly connected. We are convinced she is his spirit animal!

He has taught Gen how to play ball with the various hanging jolly balls around the property. He swings the ball to her, she catches it with her hoof before sending it back to him. They can play like this for hours.                                                                                                            Outside the goat barn, Gen and Jake are also a strong showmanship team. Before heading to shows, it is Jake's job to body clip and groom his goat. When we get to the show, Genevieve is the goat he gets judged on how well he knows all his goat knowledge and how well he prepared his goat for the show. Gen and Jake always do very well in the showmanship class at the show. It is a true testimate for their relationship as it takes hours to get a goat in tip top shape for a show.

Genevieve and Moo came to the farm at the same time and, therefore, are BFFs. Even in their older age, they can still be found snoozing in the hay together and grazing together out in the fields.

Geni is a petite little LaMancha, weighing in at just 100lbs. This is not a desired trait for her breed to be so little and, therefore, she never places well in her breed classes at the shows. As a mom, though, she hits it out of the park. Gen is a very sweet-natured doe who cares for her babies for the long haul. This is Gen's 3rd pregnancy and she is due in Mid March 2019. Her first pregnancy she had Greta... her mini-me, just larger (who we kept). And last year, she had Harper... the baby of the barn (who we also kept). The 3 of them spend all day hanging together as a little family of girlies. At night, they can be found sleeping together as well. They melt my heart. Genevieve has been ultrasounded as being pregnant with another singleton this year. Let's see if she can keep the girl theme going!!!

Despite being pregnant, Gen is a very playful, spirited young lady. Earlier this year, we built a goat swing and she has claimed it as her own. She was the first one to hop on and play king of the mountain. It should be fun watching her teach her baby how to play on it too!!!!!

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