Shylah - a Lesson in Patience

The sensational Shylah... yes, another orange barn kitty!
Shylah and her brother, Miles, came to us in November 2017, from a friend and fellow farmer who runs "Farm Cat Rescue at Cedars of Lebanon Farm". They rehab cats that have been otherwise deemed unadoptable by the shelters and spend some extra time socializing them before placing them with farm families. We saw Shylah in some photos and knew she was for us! Her brother, Miles, who's also an orange tiger, couldn't be left out, so he came home too.

Shylah was so scared when she first came home. I worked with her, religiously, at least twice a day, every day for weeks just to get to the point where she wouldn't cower in the corner of her crate when I walked into the rabbitry. Through persistence, love and a lot of patience, she slowly came out of her shell and showed her beautifully sweet personality.

Ugh, I have such a hard time explaining my feelings towards this kitty because she has given me such satisfaction and such a sense of reward through creating this bond with her. She doesn't allow anyone else to touch her which is selfishly rewarding in itself lol. In fact, she seeks me out in the barn which is so huge for her.

Shylah loves hanging out in the hay barn with her brother. She peeks out every morning for a quick sun bath before heading to the goat barn for breakfast. She willingly accepts some pets as long as I sit down and invite her over. The cat Shylah is today is totally unrecognizable to the one who came here just 6 months ago. This girl has stolen a chunk of my heart that will be forever hers. It's hard to think of what could have happened to her without her being rescued and given a chance at love. It's a true testament of how just one person can change the course of your whole life.

Strut on, Shy Shy!

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