Sadie - the Loveable Brat

I'm 5 years old and I have a major case of ear envy! No, my mom and dad didn't eat them when I was a baby nor did my human mom cut them off. I was born like this along with all the other LaMancha goats. But, boy, what I wouldn't give to have a nice set of long ears like an Alpine. I like to bite those long ears so they appreciate what it feels like to HAVE ears.

Oh, let me tell you... I saw a Nubian goat at the fair this one time. The set of ears on that goat *** excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face*** I almost DIED of jealousy! I got so mad to be in the same show ring as that hussy, that I chewed the judges shirt and made it completely unwearable. Let's just say, I didn't win that class.                                                                                                            
When I'm not daydreaming about what I'd look like with a nice pair of long flowing ears, I enjoy the finer things in life. You know, following the lawn mower up and down the driveway so I'm the first one to get the fresh grass clippings, drinking ice cold water right out of the garden hose in the summer time and knocking little kids over because EVEN THEY have cute ears!!!                                                            
I have had 3 sets of twins over the years and every year I hope and pray they'll come out with ears. And somehow each year, they come out looking JUST like ME! The poor little things.


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