Don't you love my curls??? You can imagine the amount of styling products I go through to get my hair so perfect! It's an exhausting morning routine 😉

My name is Moose and I am the newest young man on the farm. I am almost a 1 year old Toggenburg buckling and, up until a few months ago, all I cared about was eating. And I have the belly to prove it!

But now all I can think about are girls. Girls, girls GIRLS!!!!! This past Fall, I started putting on my special cologne in preparation for what mom calls "playdates". Momma says it's gross and she won't touch me until I take a shower but I can tell my lady friends enjoyed it quite a bit.                                                                                                                 
I am an adventurous little guy who loves long walks, scratches under my chin and picnics at sunset. I will never refuse attention, in fact, I demand it. But with a face like mine, I tend to get whatever I want ❤️
This Spring, mom says I'm going to be a Daddy for the first time. I have no idea what she's talking about! What is a Daddy and will I have to do anything new?

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