Miles - The Adventurer

Hello Friends! My name is Miles and I am a member of the orange kitty crew here on the farm. I am Shilah's feisty brother and, although I love life on the farm, I am NOT a fan of human hands touching me. (well, wasn't as of the original writing of this post on FB a few months back)

I am a sweet boy who LOVES to play and seek out adventure!!! I love sneaking up behind my bother and sister and attacking them. I always announce my entrance into the barn with several playful meows. My human says I have the cutest little kitten voice.

There's a funny story behind the name my humans gave me. Well, the human lady doesn't think it's funny, but I think it's hysterical!                     
                                                                                               You see, when I first got to the farm, I was young and scared. The day I came home, my human tried moving me from my carrier to my new cage in the barn. I hissed, scratched, jumped out of her arms, squeezed myself under the barn door and ran right across the 10 acre field and into the neighbor's yard. Apparently, that made my human cry.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
The humans spent hours looking for me and tracking my paw prints in the snow. They put out a trap with some food in it where they thought I was hiding. My "freedom excursion" lasted almost 3 adventurous days (sleepless days for the humans)!!! On the 3rd afternoon, the sad human came into the barn to check on my sister after doing yet another walk around the whole property (she must really like exercising!) She was visiting Shylah and looked over and thought she saw Hunter sunbathing on the rabbit's grain table. After a long stare at one another, she realized it wasn't Hunter at all! It was ME!!!                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                                        This time, she out-smarted me... She closed up the whole barn and stuffed the gap under the barn door and "operation freedom" was over. My silly human searched high and low for me, but I know what side my bread is buttered! I couldn't leave my sister all alone, after all; and shortly after my grand escape, I had 2nd thoughts about my plan and had to come back to check on her.... and for some food!

So, after all this, my humans named me Miles after all the miles and miles of walking they did searching for me.

I am a mischievous boy who loves to play. I'm the annoying little brother no one asked for. My favorite things to do are playing with the rabbits, walking the walls of the barn, sniffing the goats, playing on the haystack, chasing birds... And I still love a good adventure!
Most recently, I have become trusting of my human. She has proven herself worthy of my attention. Afterall, she keeps my bowl full of the yummiest food. It has been a long road, but I decided her fingers are really good at finding my special itchy places. It feels nice but I only like her touching me while I eat. But I love it so much, I start drooling and purring so loud I can't chew my food.

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