Lucy - The Peacemaker

Hola! My name is Lucy, aka LooseMyFunnyGoose, aka The Peacemaker. I am a 5 year old Spunky, SaltNPepper LaMancha doe. I am a member of the original herd of troublemakers and came to the farm when I was just a week old.

When I was younger, I was kinda bossy to the other girls. Playtime was my favorite. I was kinda the ringleader during playtime and everyone followed my lead as we bounced all over our playpen. As I got older, I found my zen and inner Peacemaker. Some could say I became the Fun Police.

Anytime I see 2 other girls headbutting each other (playfully, of course) I always butt in and break up the fun. Maybe I just don't like being left out of the fun or maybe I don't like seeing my friends bicker. Either way, I can't help but butt in.

Now, when I'm not keeping the peace, I enjoy a great scratch. I scratch along the fence, I scratch myself on the scratching post, I even enjoy rolling on my back in the pile of hay outside meant for naptimes. A good scratch is always the highlight of my day!!!

When mom comes outside, I make sure she pays close attention to me... and only me. If she loves on someone else, I will push them away and get right in mom's face so she knows she's ignoring me. Sometimes I like to sneak up on mom from behind and will lean on her as if she's a scratching post. She must have terrible balance or something because she usually falls over after I do this. But I always get a good scratch in after, so it's worth it.

Lastly, if you live near the farm, you have probably heard me yell from time to time (around dusk every night) That's when I yell at mom that it's dinner time and she's starving us. Let's just say, I get hangry... Yes, angry+hungry=hangry. So I stand that the fence, starring at that house, YELLING at her to come feed me! I mean, I have a figure to maintain here! So, I'm sorry for the noise, but if I don't yell at mom, she won't feed us dinner.


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