Greta is a beautiful, spunky, 2 year old LaMancha doe who is so much like her momma, Genevieve, but out-sized and out-weighed her by the time she was just 8 months old!

Greta is a spunky yet sweet little girl who is maturing into a beautiful doe. She officially became a big sister this past year to a little doeling named, Harper. Watching Greta be a big sister has been heart-warming. We've had other mom/daughter groups in our herd who don't pay any attention to their younger siblings so I was amazed to see Greta so nurturing towards her little sister. I've come into the barn for night check, a few times, to find Momma's head in the hay feeder and Greta "babysitting" Harper over in the corner all snuggled together. It's amazing!!

On ultrasound, it looks like Greta is expecting 2 babies for her first time kidding. Her belly is growing by the day and she never stops eating!


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