Grayson - the Stud Muffin!

Isn't he a stud of a man? This is our 2 year old Alpine Stud. And, let me tell you, he is as sweet as he is handsome!!!

When we ventured into goats, we led with the foot, "we just want goats for their milk" and a year in, it quickly turned to "well, we want to do this right and breed to better the breed" since our kids had joined 4H and started showing their goats at fairs around the state.

So, about 3 years into being "goat farmers", our original Alpine herd sire was needing to be rehomed and we took the opportunity to look for a breeder who could better our Alpine herd with the better milking lines, conformation, registration, etc. We reached out to a great breeder and 4H leader who we've chatted with at several fairs and online and we put a reservation down on a beautiful buck in Spring of 2017.

Grayson has been such a gentleman on our farm. He is respectful of other's personal space yet playful when it's appropriate. He's always good for a hug when you need one... although I don't recommend needing a hug between the months of July-November due to his atrocious rut stink aka "Goat Cologne"!

With 2018 being his first year siring kids, I was SO impressed with the quality he added to my girl's kids. He had the most stunning kids this year with the absolute best personality. In fact, his one buckling, Max was an extremely hard one to see go to his new home. We are so thrilled for him though as he's going to a big farm to be a herd sire there!!! Way to go, Max!!!

Grayson will greet you every morning by yelling at you for his breakfast. He is so loud until you feed him. He gets hangry like his human momma :-)


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