Wait, you want me to LOOK at the camera??? Yeah, that's a No!

Meet Deanndra! She's a 3 year old Toggenburg who is an absolutely momma's girl (and I'm not the momma in this case) She and her momma, Danica; the Queen of the herd, came here when Dee was about 3 months old. She was very shy and skiddish around us and took quite some time to warm up to us. Turns out, we may have just been misunderstanding her. She's really just an independent woman who doesn't need constant adoration to know her self-worth.

It wasn't really until we brought her to her first show that she really opened up. Turns out, she really enjoys parading herself around the show ring and showing herself off.

If you've been following the SSF page for a while now, you'll remember the birthing complication Deanndra had her first year with Poppy. Deanndra showed tremendous trust in me to care for her and her little miracle baby, Poppy. You could say that was a real turning point for Dee and my relationship. From then on forward, Dee has understood that just because she may be an independent girl who doesn't NEED the lovin's, doesn't mean it isn't nice to have it.

At 3 years old and a momma herself, Dee is still a momma's girl who spends most of her day under the protection of the Queen. She can be found mixed in with her family of Toggs, enjoying her hay, pasture time, scratching post and napping in a Togg only group!

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