Amy - The Hysterical Goat Mom

I am Amy, aka, the hysterical goat momma and I am 1st in line to the SSF throne. My full sister, Danica, enjoys life as the queen while I defend her from the rest of the commoners. I am 4 years old and can be a little moody as my job can be stressful at times.

I am always on patrol to keep order. I don't like outsiders of the 4-legged kind invading our land. This one time, I saw a kitty on the other side of the road and I stood on the tallest rock and stared that furry invader down while grunting at it to stay away. That kitty did not proceed into our kingdom and we all stayed safe.                                                                                                                                                                I am a proud big-boned girl!!! Currently, I hold the record for largest goat on the farm (boys included) at 175lbs - pre-pregnancy weight! I don't lack for food and I'm prepared in the event there's a famine.

I have had 5 babies over the years. Human momma quickly realized how protective and obsessive I am as a mommy. I can't help it, I just don't like my babies wandering too far away from me. Far, being more than 3 inches from my side.

I am known for standing in the doorway of the barn, yelling out to my babies in the field to come back to me just so they aren't out of my sight. Most mommas call out to their babies when it's time to drink some milk... Not me, I'm the helicopter type mom but I like to call it attentive.

Loves: All things Babies and naps in the sun

Favorite Snack: Pine tree branches

Hates: Dogs

Hobbies: Kicking over the milk bucket, eating and.... eating!!

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