Hi! My name is Rainey and this is the furthest I'm comfortable being away from my human. My human is my bestest most nicest friend on the farm. She works hard around here but she does require a lot of my assistance. I help taste test the hay, rake the ground (which I don't even understand that ritual...), take the hose out of the water trough for her, unlock doors, weed whack along the fence... You know, things she needs help with!

When I'm not helping mom around the barn, I do enjoy playing with the new babies. See, I WAS the baby up until the older girls popped out new babies. Now mom calls me one of the naughty, unsupervised teenagers. I do enjoy playing with them and I have been caught a few times being quite motherly to them.                                                                                                                                      Mom says since I'm so good with the others' babies, I can be a mom later this year to my very own babies. I'm not sure where she's going to get the babies from, but I'm sure it'll be a fun experience!!!!

I must admit, I do love a good vacation off the farm. Mom takes just us girls out to these beauty pageants where everyone tells us how pretty we are and gives us blue, red and yellow candies. Mom says they're ribbons, whatever that means. I tried to eat one of the candies once and it wasn't as delicious as they looked. Very chewy! I love all the fuss and attention! But what I love more are the SMELLS! The humans at the beauty pageants smell amazing! Hot dogs, cheeseburgers, POPCORN!!!! Mom takes us on the best vacations! I can't wait to go again this year!

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