Moo - The one and Only - We Will Never Forget


Moo is a 4 year old Alpine doe who came to the farm quite by accident and, some would call it, fate. Moo and my 2nd son, Tyler, share the same birthdays. I had gone to a farm to pick out our LaMancha and Alpine herd sires with 2 of my (human) girlfriends and both of them saw this little goat that looked just like a Holstein cow and said I HAD to bring her home.

Now, I was not in the market for another Alpine doeling but she had a way of weaseling her way into my heart that day and refused to take no for an answer. But Moo wasn't exactly available for sale. There were other people on the waiting list that were ahead of me. So I had to wait for the owners to reach out to them and give them first rights to my Moo Moo. A painful week later, we heard back from the breeder who told us Moo was all ours, if we were still interested.... Ha!

Moo is quite the character and has provided hundreds of laughs over the last 4 years. Moo loves to talk... she loves to talk when she's happy to see you, mad that you're leaving, when she misses you, when she thinks you have forgotten to feed her. She loves to hear herself talk. And by talk, I mean yell. If Moo has something to say, the whole farm is going to hear about it. But what Moo loves even more than the sound of her own voice... is FOOD!

Moo lives up to her name in that she eats EVERYTHING! A few years ago, our old Oak tree produced so many green acorns and, of course, they fell into the goat's paddock before I could pick them up. Moo ate them as if they were little goat candies falling from the sky and got herself so sick she needed a week and several rounds of meds to recover.

Several people ask us throughout the year if Moo is due to have babies soon. I always laugh and say, "No, she's just Moo!" LOL She's a basketball factory on 4 legs. I can't even say how many times my husband has rushed into the house saying Moo was bloating just to go out to see she gorged herself on hay again.

But Moo has matured into a very nice Doe. She has yet to produce a flashy kid like herself but we know it's just a matter of time. Despite that, she does produce some really nice, sweet natured kids. Moo also lives up to her name, in that, she produces a ton of milk. This girl knows how to keep a couple babies well-fed. Her BFF on the farm is Genevieve and, as of late, Harper. Gen and Moo have spent every day of their lives together and routinely leave their kids to snuggle together so they can lay down together for a nap in the sun. Moo is a one-of-a-kind girl who is loved by many!!!


Edited to add: Some may wonder why Moo is the only adult in the barn not bred to have kids this year. (2020) You see, Moo got really sick about a month before breeding season. So sick that she needed a goat-to-goat blood transfusion. Rainey stepped up as the blood donor (which could explain their hostile relationship lately). Anyways... we decided it would be healthier for Moo to be allowed to focus on her health and just be a goat this year. No stress from pregnancy, no stress from kidding and being in milk all summer long. It's very taxing on the body. Moo is in perfect health right now and we are all so thankful for that. We hope to see her pregnant again next year (fingers crossed!)

Unfortunately in 2022 Moo Passed Away... As of today (3/14/2022) It's still too hard to write that story. In the mean time, feel free to leave you comments below. 

The map shows all the location that the moo stuffy has gone. Moo is going to be loved all around the world. 


Dear Moo Moo, you were the most special goat and I felt so devastated when you passed. Thank you for giving us Winnie and Winston, Meena, Roman and Gunter and now Finley (your first sweet grandchild). They are all beautiful just like you and bring me joy just like you. Winnie and Winston will always be my favorites and have the same birthday as my mom ! You will never be forgotten sweet Moo Moo Marie. I know you are watching over the Symans and the village. You continue to shine brightly in the barn, always….. and forever.

Sharon O July 30, 2023

Dear Moo,
I first met you when you were wearing an adorable pink cast and I knew right then you would be in my heart forever. I am so sad I didn’t get to meet you but it was an honour to snuggle with your beautiful daughter, Winnie, and touch your handsome son, Winston through the fence. Your legacy shines brightly through them and at SSF! You will never be forgotten! 💖

Marywinn Milne February 28, 2023

I love you Moo Moo Marie
You played a huge part in creating our village. We all laughed at you, cried over you and loved you with our whole heart.
You will live forever and ever in my soul.

Valerie Oldfield February 28, 2023

Moo, you are still greatly missed but you left us with 2 very sweet and lovable blessings in Winnie and Winston. Remember you were never just a goat, you were the best and most loved goat of all times. May you always know and feel our love. Miss you sweet girl❤️

Lisa February 28, 2023

We miss you and love you so much Moo. You would be so proud of your son Winston and your daughter Winnie Moo they’re growing so big and are so sweet.

David Smith February 28, 2023

I found Moo 2yrs ago browsing YT, saw SSF with this goat named Moo and all the attention she gets WOW and I never left. Moo we miss you so much, when I think of you my heart will forever hurt. You will be forever with us because you gave us the Win Twins and for that we are forever grateful. Happy Birthday to the Win Twins, and a happy heavenly bday to Blue. As you’ve seen, Miss Win has your personality to the tea, she is such a love, watch out Roses here comes Win! Winston he is his own goat, he may or may not like to participate in goat or human games (he got that from his Dad) LOL. Love you to the moon and back Moo-Moo <3

Jae February 23, 2023

I once said that I loved Moo so much it hurt. Well, here I am a year later and the hurt and pain from her death is the same. I write this on her babies one year birthday. I love her babies as I did Moo. Maybe one day it won’t hurt so much. :(

Fay F. February 23, 2023

Moo Moo was the reason I started watching SSF last year. I can’t tell you the pain I had when she died. However that pain has changed into a blessing, because I became apart of the SSF Village. Aaron, Liz and family have brought such joy into my life along with the amazing chatters/villagers. The Win Twins will always be a reminder of the JOY Moo was, and now the JOY those two bring to us.
Thank You SSF ! ! !

Bernice T February 23, 2023

I’m known as Animal Lover Joyce on chat.
It was too hard last year to say anything but very early in morning on Win Twins I think back on Moo Moo. I knew her very briefly. Loved sleeping under her feeder. I watched many old videos of her. Such a sweet and funny goat. Loved coffee breath and I’ll always think of Moo as I drink coffee. She produce large and beautiful babies before Win Twins. I believe she would be proud of Win Twins and over them. Moos hooves around my ❤️. Miss & ❤️ U.

Joyce Grinstead February 23, 2023

Angel Moo is so proud of her babies Winnie and Winston. They are so very
special to all of us, words can’t express the love we feel for them. They are a year
old today, and are growing into beautiful kids and are destined to be great! 🤍🖤🤍🖤

Kim D February 23, 2023

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Moo passed away. It’s been very difficult to see the pain that Liz, Aaron, their family & friends plus all the villagers have gone through from the love they all had for a spotted goat named Moo. However, it also warms my heart to see everyone come together to support each other and the Symans. While the pain has slightly lessened over the past year, it’s still very much there, which tells me Moo will Never Ever be forgotten by anyone.

Vicki H February 10, 2023

Six months and a day since you left. Winston and Winnie are doing well and have the hearts of all that miss you so very much. Winnie is a very special little girl and is healing so my broken hearts. Forever in our hearts Moo Moo Marie

Sharon Gaddy August 29, 2022

Miss you moo. You were the best. Thank you Liz for sharing her. She was truly special.

Juanita Dozier May 17, 2022

I only recently found out about your farm on YouTube right before Moe had her babies Winnie and Winston.
It only took one day of watching and I was in love with moo my son has a goat named moo also that looks like your moo except her face isn’t White it’s also black and white spots. I watched so many hours of you being so wonderful to her when she was sick.
I’m sure you miss her terribly I do and I hardly knew her. I hope you heal soon I know I’ll never forget moo.

Ms Patty March 26, 2022

Liz & Aaron it took me a while to write. Listening to u right now. Moo was always putting a smile on my face. I don’t have much love in my life. You and your farm mean a lot to me. I talk about the farm all the time. Moo is the first goat I love ❤️. I will want Moo items as u make them. Enjoy your tea towel. Sending love and prayers

Kris West March 26, 2022

RIP Moo 💞 you will always be in all of our heats forever. To the Syman’s I can’t imagine what you are going through, please know you are being thought of all over the world.

Stacey Harper March 25, 2022

My love and prayers are with you all Symans family, friends and villagers. We are blessed to be in your lives and share your farm, thank you and God bless and heal your loss.

Lana Nana March 24, 2022

Dear Moo, You were the goat for me, although I Loved all the goats you were my special goat. I still can’t believe you’re gone. For whatever reason God needed you back, he only ever picks the nicest flower from the garden. You will be in my Heart forever. You will never suffer pain again and you’re Free to roam everywhere. I know you will watch over the Syman’s like a Guardian Angel. Love and Miss you Moo Moo Marie xo

Donna March 20, 2022

Moo Moo, I still miss you & always will. You were such a special goat, an instigator at times & other times you couldn’t be more loving. I still cry when I see pictures of you, & I laugh when I read about & remember your antics. You will forever have a place in my heart & thousands upon thousands upon thousands of others’ hearts. My life is richer for you having been in it. Even though we never met, I feel like we have. Everyone will know about you, including new Villagers. Your name lives on forever, just like your spirit does. I hope you’re snuggling with baby blue, & enjoying watching your Win twins! They are having so much fun & carry you with them always. I believe you knew Momma Liz & Daddy Aaron would take great care of your babies, so you felt it’s ok to go on & no longer be sick & in horrendous pain. You were a trooper for sure! You were & always will be the one & only & best Moo Moo Marie! I love you to pieces!!! 💜💜❤💜💜

Sharon Auker March 19, 2022

We miss you moo

Landon March 18, 2022

Moo Moo, I loved you from the moment I first saw you, a very special and sweet goat. I will miss you always but you will remain in my heart forever. I will cherish my mini moo stuffy, your book, and my moo-saage bar, always and forever 💜

Barbara Lettin March 18, 2022

Moo, You will be miss. I started watching in 2019. I had to take a second look to see you Moo. I thought you were a cow at first and I know that you was a goat. I love watching you in the barn and for WW. Your kids will live on with you sprite in them. I wish I could have meet you but your stuff sit beside the bed on the nightstand. Love you Moo.

Kandie M Sisk March 18, 2022

Moo you will be so missed but we have your little ones to help us heal. The timing on Mom Liz’s book and stuffy are so very special not knowing what the coming kidding season would hold. You will never be forgotten and I will treasure my book and stuffy. Hugs to the Symans and friends and our Strong villagers.

Ruth Peterson March 17, 2022

Moo Moo Marie, more than just a goat
We will always remember the one who brought bright smiles…we will miss you forever and a day…always know you are never alone with your babies by your side and us in your heart…we will carry you always, as we keep memories of you like a locket in our hearts…may you have never ending peppermints to fill you up. I miss you my sweet Moo Moo, you were more than just a goat to me. My arms around you tight to keep you warm. Love you always.

Lynn DiMaggio March 17, 2022

Dear Moo, I just started following your channel a few months ago so I didn’t get to know you but from going back and watching some videos you look like you were such a character I especially loved the maternity shot lol.

Melissa Mitchell March 17, 2022

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