Harper - The baby

My name is Harper and I am the baby of the farm. I am almost a year old now (March 19th) LaMancha doeling and I am so sweet and friendly and partially spoiled by everyone (4-legged and 2-legged)

My momma is Genevieve and I also have a full sister, Greta on the farm. I love them both so much and they love and protect me from the bigger girls. As a family of 3, we enjoy curling up for naptimes and go out to the field to graze together. Sometimes I get tired and they are too busy eating so I curl up on the play slide by myself which is ok too. My big sister loves playing tag and invites me to play with her friends out in the fields. Momma says they are a bad influence on me but I think they are super fun!                                                                              
Don't let the picture fool you, I can be a feisty little thing sometimes. Momma and human momma have taught me to be patient though. At grain time, I am so good at waiting my turn. I never charge the door. I just watch the big girls jump up on this weird jungle gym, torture device looking thing to eat while human momma tickles their tummy. I can't wait till I'm big enough to have my tummy tickled!!!
BFF - Moo the Goat
Likes - photobombing human momma's pictures

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