Giovanni the Great

Don't I just have the sweetest face you've ever seen??? My name is Giovanni and I am a 4 year old LaMancha buck. My jobs on the farm include, but are not limited to... hugging my humans, trying to french kiss my humans, having "playdates" with my ladies, and being eye-candy.

I am a very special guy to my human as I tried to die on her 2 Springs ago. My tummy was feeling all weird and I started to see the bright light but momma wouldn't let me go into it. I was very thankful and, in return, gave her all girls this past kidding season. Momma was happy.

I may seem like a rugged guy to you, but I have a thing for interior design. Yup, that's right! I redecorate my pen all the time. Sometimes for hours at a time. There are days I like my calf hutch facing south for some nice lighting, there are other days I just want some shade. I push my hut all around my pen using just my head. I am a smart boy like that.

I especially love the Fall. That's when I get to have the ladies come over to "play". I have to make sure I am ready for them by putting on my special cologne. Mom says I'm nasty and gross but, boy, do my lady friends love it!!!

I love playing with my next door neighboy, Grayson. We love head butting each other through our shared fence. He likes to drink from my water bucket and I let him. I'm a nice friend like that. Mom also catches us taking naps together in the shade... along our shared fence. I like my personal space but I do love the company.

If you've ever met me, you know that I am a very sweet boy. I do love the lovin's. I have the longest, most luscious eyelashes (when I'm clean lol) I love my life on the farm.


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