Chaos Coffee FAQs

Where is the coffee roosted/made?

Caprine Creation llc. Has spend years testing and tasting coffee from all over new England to ensure the best quality, consistency, and freshness all at a great price to the end customer. Chaos Coffee has chosen a local CT based coffee roster with over 80+ years in the coffee business.  

What type of beans are used in your coffees?
Chaos Coffee and its coffee roasting team uses only the highest quality Arabica beans, imported from more than 20 regions around the world. Before making a purchase, our experienced coffee professionals analyze beans for aroma, acidity, flavor, and balance—ensuring that your coffee purchase is consistent every time.

What’s the shelf life of my Chaos coffee?
In general, coffee has a 2-year shelf life when properly stored. The fresher your coffee is, the more flavorful and aromatic it will be!

When will I get my coffee after ordering?

The goal at Caprine Creations llc. Is you get you your Chaos Coffee order within 15 Day of ordering. We are aiming to have the coffee beans roosted, flavored, ground, bagged and shipped in that 15-day window. This way the coffee you get is at peak freshness. (Times my vary)

What is the allergy information for your coffee?
All Chaos Coffees are gluten-free and allergen-free. However, if you have severe allergies, please consult your physician!

How are your flavored coffees made?
At Chaos Coffee we use non-nutritive flavor additives to create our flavored coffees. These flavorings contain artificial flavors with no discernible sugars. All our flavored coffees are vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free.

How should I store my Chaos coffee to keep it fresh?
Store your coffee in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Some customers prefer to store their coffee in the freezer; this is optional.


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