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Mommy Juice

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What's better than a little mommy juice when she needs a timeout from the kiddos? Lock yourself in the bathroom and soak in the Mommy Juice!

This fun yet sophisticated blend of crisp white grapes, berries and a touch of rich oak is just the trick to reset and refuel before tackling mom duties once again. This Mommy Juice may be better known as Chardonnay! 

Need a little "Me" time before bed? Turn the bath water to warm, sprinkle in a cup of salts (depending on how fragrant you prefer your bath) and sit back and relax with a good book or glass of wine for the next 20 minutes while your stress and tension soak away! Don't take baths? Salt soaks are also great for just hand & feet soaks too!

A nice warm Goat Milk Salt Bath is helpful in soothing stiff joints, achy muscles, arthritic pain, and even the build up of stress. It's also useful to release the build up of lactic acid after an elevated day of physical work. While the salts work on releasing all the bad, allow the Goat Milk to absorb all the good leaving your mind free and your whole body silky smooth! 

Each jar of Goat Milk Bath Salts is 14oz and comes with a cute wooden scoop for portioning out each bath. You can expect each jar to make between 3-6 baths depending on how large your bath is and how strong you prefer your fragrance. If you don't want the clean up from the dried herbs or flowers after the bath, place your salts in one of our Sisal Pouches before placing in your bath water. This allows the Salts, Goat Milk & Clays to dissolve into your water while the pouch contains the petals and saves you the clean up. Empty and rinse the pouch after and hang dry till next time!

Ingredients | Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Powdered Goat Milk, Kaolin Clay, Fragrance Oil, Mica


Customer Reviews

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Dawn Dennington
Lovely fragrance

I really love these bath salts they smell fantastic, makes my skin feel really soft, highly recommended

Gail McMillan
Mommy Juice | Goat Milk Bath Salt

Bought this for my DIL as a Christmas gift and she went crazy when she opened it. First of all, the name. She loves to get time to soak in the tub with no interruptions. As the mother of four boys and their homeschool teacher, she sure deserves it! The smell was so soothing and she can't wait to experience a good body and soul soak! Love all your wonderful products!