Goat Milk Bath Salt

Calming Lavender Chamomile

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Did you know Lavender and Chamomile are basically BFFs. Lavender, with its warm floral scent, and chamomile, with its slightly herbal scent, combine here into a light, fresh fragrance that is a favorite of many. Together, they help turn your bath into a place of peace and mediation. Lavender is known to help ease insomnia and calm nervousness while Chamomile is often valued for its anti-inflammatory and anxiety-reducing properties making the pair a match made in heaven!

Need a little "Me" time before bed? Turn the bath water to warm, sprinkle in a cup of salts (depending on how fragrant you prefer your bath) and sit back and relax with a good book or glass of wine for the next 20 minutes while your stress and tension soak away! Don't take baths? Salt soaks are also great for just hand & feet soaks too!

A nice warm Goat Milk Salt Bath is helpful in soothing stiff joints, achy muscles, arthritic pain, and even the build up of stress. It's also useful to release the build up of lactic acid after an elevated day of physical work. While the salts work on releasing all the bad, allow the Goat Milk to absorb all the good leaving your mind free and your whole body silky smooth! 

Each jar of Goat Milk Bath Salts is 14oz and comes with a small wooden salt spoon. We estimate one jar will make between 3-6 baths depending on how large your bath is and how strong you prefer your fragrance. If you don't want the fuss of cleaning up from the flower petals after the bath, place your salts in one of our Sisal Pouches before placing in your bath water. This allows the Salts, Goat Milk & Clays to dissolve into your water while the pouch contains the petals and saves you the clean up. Empty and rinse the pouch after and hang dry till next time!

Ingredients | Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Powdered Goat Milk, Fragrance Oil, Kaolin Clay, Dried Lavender Flower Petals


Customer Reviews

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Shawn H
Very refreshing

As always Liz came up with a great combination. Love these and don’t plan to share!

Sharyn Shaffer

It was a gift and I haven’t heard how my friend liked it.

Karen Averbeck
Smells awesome

love this gave it a 4 because not fan of the flower petals in the bath. If purchase I suggest that you purchase the pouch. Love the smell and feels wonderful after the bath.

Love it!

Oh myyyy - this Calming Lavender Chamomile Goat Milk Bath Salt is sooooo great! The smell is heavenly! I will be purchasing many many more guaranteed! Highly recommend!!!!

Total Relaxation

I purchased this so I could relax in a great, warm bath before bedtime. This provides the perfect scent & relaxation everyone needs! It has become my pampering staple! Try it. It just might become yours too!