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Fresh Start Essential Kit

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The Face Essential Kit is the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Perfect for all skin types, this kit includes everything you need for a complete face-washing experience, from a soft microfiber washcloth, a cute headband to keep the hair out of your face, to lifechanging wrist scrunchies that prevent the water from trickling down your arms... it's a complete spa treatment without ever leaving your bathroom. With no fuss and minimal effort, it's an easy way to show yourself some love.

Kit includes - (soap and soap dish not included)

(1) Grey Microfiber Washcloth

(1) White Microfiber Headband with bow

(1) Set of Wrist Scrunchies (color will vary)


Customer Reviews

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Patty D
Love it

I love it. I use the cuffs when I wash my face so I don't get after all over. I love your face soaps also.

Diane Peters

No more wet hair and shirts.

bonita cochrane

Fresh Start Essential Kit | For the Face?

Kathy G
Love this essentials kit

I really love this essential kit that comes with microfiber washcloth, the headband, and the wrist scrunchies. They are so soft to use. The headband is so comfortable and it doesn’t hurt your head like others do plus keeps your hair out of your face really well, the wrist scrunchies work fabulous. No water gets past them, and the washcloth is like washing your face with clouds. These are perfect not only for yourself, but as gifts. So I hope everybody enjoys them like I enjoy mine.